Silicone Rubber


1.What is silicone rubber?

Silicone is an industry name, it means a lot of exact names  ,such as silicon,silicone,silicone rubber,molding silicone,manual mold silicone,manual mold design silicone,pad printing silicone,printing silicone rubber,shoe mold silicone,RTV-2,RTV-1,room temperature vulcanization silicone,liquid silicone,HTV-1 silicone,mixed compound silicone,addition cure silicone,Methyl alkenyl silicone,HTV-1,HTV-2,Hot Stamping silicone sheet,Silicone roller for printing,silicone rubber tube,seal ring of silicone rubber,electronic potting silicone,LED viewing screen,LCD silicone,and so on.

Two types of  silicone rubber:

addition cure silicone and condensation cure silicone.