Doll Silastic Silicone

Product introduction

 Applications of Doll Silastic Silicone 

Silicone for Prosthesis is platinum cure silicone rubber with medical grade, it belongs to life casting silicone rubber. 

The silicone rubber will be cured under room temperature and can be cures fastly by heating.

 It’s two components liquid silicone rubber, the mixing ratio is 1:1.

Applied Used for Prosthesis, it is mainly used to make soft silicone products ,

such as reborn doll molds, sex toys, body organs, body breast enhancers, 

shoulder pads, paster, trackion,etc

Features of Doll Silastic Silicone 
Soft and Stretchy

Soft, Softer, Softest

exceptional fluidity

good operability

Instruction of Doll Silastic Silicone 
When life casting silicone rubber is applied to different parts of human, it requires different hardness.
1.To make the thin skin, the hardness is 20 to 25 shore A.
2.To make the breast, the hardness will be 5 shore A.
3.To make a complete finger, the hardness will be 8 to 10 shore A. If just to make a layer of skin, the hardness should be 

20 shore A.
4.To make the female sex toys, the silicone must be very soft. For example, the silicone bra needs silicone with 3 to 5 

shore A, 0 shore A is required for special.
5.To make the silicone mask, the hardness is 40 shore A.
6.To make the human model, which is filler inside and silicone outside, the hardness of silicone on the surface is 3 to 5 

shore A.
7.To make the artificial limbs, the hardness will be 10 to 15 shore A.
Remark: The specific hardness should be confirmed with the customer and then recommend the suitable hardness.

The detailed objects causing poor cure : 

Polyvinylchloride, plasticized Epoxy, amine-cured ,Vinyl electric tape ,Latex vacuum tubing Neoprene rubber 
Buna N rubber GRS rubber ,Natural rubber Acid core solder flux ,Rosin core solder flux Sulphur Compounds: 
Thiols Sulphides ,Sulphates Sulphites ,Thioreas Nitrogen Compounds,Amines Amides ,Lmides Azid

Package of  Skin safe Silicone
1kg/can, 5kg/can, 20kg/drum, 200kg/drum


Skin Safe Life Casting Silicone Rubber Packaging & Shipping:
Sample packaging: 1kg
Cargo packaging: metal drum and plastic drum:5kg 20kg, 25kg and 200kg
Shippping: Transport as non-dangerous Article

Product use

Product Name: Doll Silastic silicone Rubber


Brand: Lianhuan silicone

Doll Silastic Silicone Rubber usage:

Applied Used for Prosthesis, it is mainly used to make soft silicone products ,such as reborn doll molds, sex toys, body organs, body breast enhancers, shoulder pads, paster, trackion,etc

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