How to make silicone ink High density rock print?


Key point for High density rock print:

1, When pulling printing thinner mixing ratio 20- 30%

2, The angel between squeegee & table 60-70 degree

3, Keep distance between printing squeegee & screen

4, Less pressure print very soft and slowly

5, Move up screen slowly

Printing process:

1st  HD silicone or round silicone transparent under coating for two times       

2nd  HD silicone or round silicone color printing 1-2 times

First and second step printing as silicone normal printing.

3rd  HD and round silicone  50% and 50% for Pulling printing

Ratio of Silicone ink and additives:

HD silicone LHSIL 901040      100G

Round silicone LHSIL 903540     100G

Fast dry catalyst    10G    2%

Color pigment      40G        10-20%(white&fluorescent color 20%)

Thinner              60G   30%

Heating temp 120-140degree for 2-3 minutes