Operation manual mold silicone:


 Operation Instruction of manual mold silicone:

  Manual mold silicone is a flow-able liquid, and the quality has nothing to do with the color. It consists of two component. Part A is a flow-able liquid silicone rubber, part B is the curing agent. Firstly, after your previous work of dealing with the original model, take some liquid silicone rubber , add 2%-3% curing agent of the amount of silicon, and mix them evenly. Then after vacuum-pumping the mixture, you can pour it into the mold frame. The silicone mold will cured in 2-3 hours.

How to deal with the bubbles during the mixing process?
  It depends on your practical situation. Firstly you can deal the mixture with a vacuumizer if you have one; If no such machine, you can reduce the mixing ratio of the hardener from 4% to 1%-2%.Then in the prior period of the reaction of the mixture will be slower, then the air in the mixture will exhaust by itself for a longer curing time to release the bubble.

what should you do for imcomplete curing after the mold is finished?
  Two causes lead to this problem: 1. In exact mixing ratio, not to weigh